Marine Work - Ferry Construction

Westport Ferry Landing

Location: Westport Ferry Road, Clatsop County, OR

Description: The scope of this project was to construct a temporary ferry landing, remove the existing ferry landing, and to construct a new larger ferry landing to accommodate the new ferry that runs across the Columbia River from Westport in Clatsop County to Puget Island in Wahkiakum County, Washington. Due to the increase in size of the new ferry, the landing was extended an additional 75 feet out into the water. Installation of the temporary landing involved installing temporary dolphin piling, detaching the old ferry landing and floating it into place to the location of the temporary detour. This made it so the traveling public that utilized the ferry had minimal disruption to their typical way of travel. Construction of the new landing included driving 12 structural pile and 39 dolphin pile. This was done using a crane on a barge in the Columbia River. Once the structural piling was driven, LCI poured concrete caps on top of the structural piling. Once complete LCI set precast concrete panels and poured a deck over these panels. The next step was to install the 87 foot steel transfer span. This was accomplished by placing one end on the new pontoons and the other on temporary floats. LCI then floated the transfer span into place between the driven pile. LCI used the tide to raise the transfer span into place and attach it to the structural steel that was poured into the pile cap. Once the transfer span was attached, LCI completed placement of the grid decking and the curb on the transfer span. The project also involved re-grading the roadway up to the new ferry landing and paving it.