Legacy Contracting, Inc. 

Marine Work

Port Angeles Terminal 1 Redevelopment 
Port Angeles Terminal 3 Headline Dolphin 

Brookings Pedestrian Improvements


Port of Brookings Harbor

Brookings Pedestrian Improvements is a project that was completed for the Port of Brookings Harbor. Legacy Contracting, Inc. was the prime contractor for this project. The pedestrian bridge which was constructed was 6 spans with a length of approximately 186’ feet and the width of 21.5 ft.


Port of Brookings
Tsunami Repair

Port of Siuslaw wharf improvement
The Port of Siuslaw project replaced the failing wood piling and wood caps underneath Mo's and ICM Restaurant in Florence Oregon with steel piling and steel subcaps. Legacy Contracting drove new pilling and placed steel beams underneath Mo's to re-support the pier the restaurant was sitting on. Underneath ICM restaurant new piling were installed and the existing wood caps were reinforced. Both restaurants remained open for business during the entire project. 
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